They say that a picture speaks more than a thousand words. If that's the case, this page has a lot to say! :)

To this page I've collected many memorable pictures of various events ja competitions that I've been involved at. All the things my camera captures...

Naturally, more pictures will be added to this page as the time goes by.

Pärnu's dance event (25.3.2006)
Get In Line 2005 (21.-22.5.2005)
Visit to England (10.-12.5.2005)
Pictures from the Masters In Line -event in Helsinki (26. - 27.2.2005)
Pictures from the Baltic Tour / from Latvia (3. - 4.12.2004)

Visiting Estonia at Estonia line dancers' charity event (24.-25.9.2004)
Visiting Guitar Bar in Estonia (5.-6.7.2004)
Summer Dance Camp at Lohja, Finland (18.-20.6.2004)
Pärnu's 5. countryfestival (12.-13.6.2004)
UCWDC's competition in Zurich, Switzerland (28.-31.8.2003)
Miscellaneous pictures