You've just found or wound up (however you got here) on MM Productions'
one and only true website.

What is MM Productions?
MM Productions is a firm, which was officially established on

MM Productions provides line dance teachings and -shows around Helsinki,
but I (we) are willing to travel further if the circumstances are right. I've
taught in various places around Finland and a couple of times abroad even
in various places and situations, i don't think nothing strikes me odd
nowdays. Contact info is found on the upper part of the page, and is
described in more detail under Contact -section. In there you can also
find out where I can be found "in person"... :)

Or drop your comments on the guestbook, which has a link on the left!

On these pages you can find pictures of different events where I've been a
part of, either on the spotlight or just as a spectator. More personal info
about me, my line dancing and my TV & magazine appearances can be found
in forms of achievements and dances under their own sections.

Hopefully you enjoy your stay on my webpage as much as I enjoy being
on the dancefloor!

- Mikael Mölsä