Summer Dance Camp at Lohja, Finland (18.-20.6.2004)

Dancing before the beginning
Yours truly as a camp-DJ
Pedro teaching on Friday
Me, Kaie and Signe... and Kikka.. and Virve.. and Ani... many others!
Me& Pia 1, 2
Pedro's loose! 1, 2
Thinking Pedro at the lakeside 1, 2
Trying the talked and praised Square-dance 1, 2, 3
The Finnish Dawg & Founder of LeatherDawgs in picture
Now lets get it going!
Loose again 1, 2
CH's people soakin' up the sun 1, 2
Ilkka on a break
Saturday evening's wiev
Camp's host & hostess at Saturday evening
Trio by the lakeside
Yours truly keeping a workshop
Ari, Pedro & Malla at the DJ-table
Dancing the camp's hit dance, Big Boss 1, 2
Pedro teaching in the big hall 1, 2, 3
Mikael & Pedro 1, 2, 3
Eetu and the other learning a dance
Päivinen's brothers 1, 2, 3
Pedro's demo on Saturday 1, 2
Ani's and Pedro's Tush Push -show 1, 2
Kaie Seger teaching 1, 2
Me, who else


More pictures of the camp can be found at, for instance, Capital Heels' and Power Dance's webpage!