Visiting Estonia at Estonia line dancers' charity event (24.-25.9.2004)

Your's truly fooling around (again!) during the teaching of Vivacious
Dancing the night away. Notice the built set of countryhouses in the background.
Ari sitting in the restaurant showing off the giftshirt
Ari sitting in the restaurant
General view of the restaurant -they had a good country theme!
Mikael browsing at the salesstand
Taken from the bar's side. In the background Mikael learning the steps to a dance.
"Pink Mile" aka the corridor to and behind the stage. And to the rest rooms of course.
Outsideview to the place of the event
"Pink Mile" in the background, sales items in the foreground
Road to paradise... also known as the dancefloor
Saara beginning her teaching
Line dancing is international hobby. In the picture are finnish, estonian & latvian people 1, 2
"Whacha lookin' at?" Mikael at the floor looking as photographic as usual
Almost every teacher of the event in the picture: Tönu, Kaie, Krista, Kairi, Signe, Saara
& Merle.

Like in the song: "After the ball is over..."
... we went to eat! Notice the unlucky salmons cool crown! 1, 2
General pictures of the dancers 1, 2, 3